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Sirpa Taivainen have worked in the field of theatre and music since 1980, moving freely among different styles and in different locations. As for singing, I have studied and performed music from church music to musicals, from schlager to folk songs and everything in between. A few years ago I found a style of music that instantly felt the most natural to me: Portuguese Fado. I am very grateful that I have been able to make this debut album with some excellent musicians. Furthermore, I got to sing in Finnish and use marvellous translations of the original lyrics! The road has been long (and occasionally a bit bumpy too) but that just adds more excitement to the wonderful feeling of finally releasing this record. I thank my friends and everyone I know with all my heart for staying patient and supporting me during this process. A special thanks goes to my husband without who I could have never made this album. I also thank the Producer and Recording engineer of this album for a wonderful cooperation and the wonderful staff of Pilfink Records who have the courage of producing and publishing good quality music outside the mainstream.
Marko Valtonen graduated from Sibelius Academy in 1998 with accordion as his main instrument and cembalo and piano as his secondary instruments. Valtonen’s repertoire reaches from renaissance to contemporary music, including also a considerable amount of traditional French Musette and Chanson pieces as well as Finnish and Argentine Tango music. Valtonen has performed both as a soloist and as a chamber musician in Scandinavia, Middle Europe, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Mari Mäntylä graduated from Basel Music Academy in 1997 and from Sibelius Academy in 1998. She is specialized in playing a rare form of classical guitar, the Decacorde. Mäntylä is a versatile musician who’s repertoire covers all the eras of classical music as well as music styles outside art music. She’s played on several recordings and holds concerts regularly in Finland and abroad,

Sirpa Taivainen is a singer-actress-hospital clown who graduated from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki in 1984. Her long career in theatre and music has involved performances in theatres, restaurants, festivals, TV, radio and so on. She also works as a clown in children’s hospitals around Finland. Taivainen has become familiar with both classical and popular music and most recently with Fado music, sung in Finnish.

Juhani Hapuli got his Master’s Degree in Music from Sibelius Academy in 2008. In addition to playing the traditional percussion instruments Hapuli is specialized in ethnic percussions. He has worked in several orchestras in the Helsinki metropolitan area with the Finnish National Opera as his most permanent employer until year 2007. Hapuli has also worked as a studio musician and has performed in a number of musicals and theatre productions and in concerts in Finland and abroad.