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Marko Sillanpää

Iam what you could call a singer/songwriter. I have made my songs for some time now. My first musical awakening happened in the early seventies when I was just a little kid, about six or seven. I bumped into some real rock’n roll by a finnish band Hurriganes. They had this killer cover version of Freddie Cannon’s Tallahassee Lassie (which of course I didn’t know back then!) That did it for me. I was forever gone. Other mind blowing experiences from that period were Alice Cooper, Slade and Sweet. Later I ran into Elvis, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran and The Stray Cats. That lead me deeper into Country and Blues. I have also suffered a long time addiction for Neil Young.

My first real band was Marco and the Missing Parts. The band was active in the late eighties and early nineties. Missing Parts released one album (Station 1988) and couple of singles. The music was country flavoured rock’n roll. Well, Missing Parts ended up in the great junkyard of promising new talents. It was fun while it lasted.

I have since written about a thousand songs and written lyrics for my friends and fellow musicians. Then finally I talked with my old buddy Anssi Växby, who was playing with his band Scandinavian Music Group in my neighborhood. We began to discuss about recording an album of my songs. It was about time!! Anssi promised to produce the album and get the band together. The whole recording process took about a year. The official date of release was 1.8.2005. I’m hoping to get the rest of the world to hear it and enjoy my songs as much as I do. Yeah, go and get it.

Certain Glow (2005)

Brown Eyed Boy (2009)