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Rody van Gemert – guitar Assi Karttunen - harpsichord
Ancient Greece Musical Inspirations


Ancient Greece
Musical Inspirations

Rody van Gemert – guitar
Assi karttunen - harpsichord

Dutch-Finnish guitarist Rody van Gemert has recorded original music of Ancient Greece and Grecian inspired music by Ravel and some composers of our time. Ancient Greece can be seen as a giant, resonant collection of seeds and roots
from which the fruits of Western music have grown and developed.
The CD not only gives new insight to the aesthetics of ancient music and musical evolution, but also provides fascinating musical experiences by combining guitar and harpsichord with fresh pieces by contemporary composers.

Keywords: Ancient Grecian music, Greek inspired new music, research,
innovative tuning systems, guitar-harpsichord, world-premiere recordings.

1. Seikilos epitaph (tuning: Ptolemy\'s even diatonic)

2. Graham Lynch: Sing, Memory *

3-4. Harry Partch: Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales *

• Olympos’ Pentatonic
• Archytas’ Enharmonic

5-7. Graham Lynch: 3 Aegean Pieces

• Cythera  (à la manière de Poulenc)
• Geranos
• Song of Seikilos (à la manière de Ravel)

8-12. Maurice Ravel: Five Greek Songs (arr. G.Lynch) *

13. Athenios son of Athenios:  First Delphic Hymn to Apollo (arr. G.Lynch)

14. Graham Lynch: Apollo, Toccate

15. Matthew Whittall: The Wine-dark sea IV *

16. Graham Lynch: Daphne Prelude

17. Seikilos epitaph (tuning: Archytas\' diatonic)